MR HEMP HOUSE™ Dealership Opportunities

Why Mr HEmp House™

MR HEMP HOUSE™ Dealership Opportunities:

  • Complete Dealership Support
  • Unlimited Sales Training
  • Sales Presentations Kits
  • Complete Building Permit Packages
  • Marketing Materials
  • Onsite Training @ Mr Hemp House
  • Production Support
  • LEED Certified Solutions
  • Dedicated Territories
  • Discounted Equipment
  • USGBC Affiliation
  • Hemp Hurd Procurement
  • Access to Ultra Green Building Technologies
  • Production Training
  • Complete Marketing Package
  • Set Material Pricing
  • Operations Support
  • Business Filings Assistance
  • Complete Product Line
  • General Business Support
  • Build Site Training/ Support
  • 5 Levels of Dealership Ownership

Become a Pioneer, Today

Building with Hemp will not Only Better the Environment it will Jump Start Your Business and Your Life.  Hemp is Our Last Natural Resource.  And as a MR HEMP HOUSE™ Dealer Hemp is Now Your #1 Resource too.  Unparalleled & Complete Dealership, Sales, Marketing, Operations and Production Support. 

MR HEMP HOUSE™ is Built for Your Success.  We Stand behind Our Dealers and Their Projects 100%. Today is the Day to Make a Change.  Today You Earn Your Freedom.  Today You Become a MR HEMP HOUSE™ Dealer.  Today You Finally Hemp Your Way into the Life You have Always Dreamed for You and Your Family. 

Build SMart Build Hemp

Our Proven Production and Business Systems not Only Build Your Mr Hemp House Business these Processes can be Integrated into Your Current Operations to See Even Greater Efficiencies.  Set Pricing, Equipment Procurement and Financing Options are also Our Courtesy. MR HEMP HOUSE™ is your BEST Choice in Building with Hemp & Green Technologies all the Way through Retirement.   

U.S. & International Dealership Opportunities Available.   Call for Availability.   

Build Smart  Build Hemp  ~MR HEMP HOUSE™

MR HEMP HOUSE™ Dealership Inquires

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All Dealership Inquires kept in strict Confidence

Mr Hemp House™

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States