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What is Hempcrete?

Hemp Houses Built Around Our World

1st PAssive HEmp House in USA

Nauhaus Prototype in Asheville, NC


Nauhaus Prototype in Asheville, NC First Hemp home built in the USA. now

First Hemp Construction in California

Home Addition in Rolling Hills, CA


Home Addition in Rolling Hills, CA

The Triangle of Swindon, UK

The Triangle in Swindon,UK


The Triangle in Swindon,UK Terraces of cottages set on four sides of a carefully landscaped village green contain 42 low energy homes. They use timber-frame structures and Hemcrete external walls finished in traditional lime.

The Push House Ashville, NC



The first permitted house in the US built with Hemcrete, an eco-friendly compound of industrial hemp, hydraulic lime, and water. Photo Credit: Push Design

Builder: Greg Flavall

Northcote Hemp Houses Melbourne, Au


Two attached family homes with shared backyard with 8-star energy rating for passive solar design.

Clayton House in Tarpon Springs, Fl



The walls of this three-bedroom, two-bathroom home near the Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs are built of hempcrete, making this residence the first “hemp house” in Florida and one of a very few in America. and

Hemp Houses Built Around Our World Continued

The Acre, Cumnor Hill Oxford, England



The Acre is using the next generation of hemp-based building technology, HempCell, a factory-made panel system that uses hemp lime and natural fiber insulation.

Boyden House in Lochaline, Scotland



Exciting curved contemporary oak frame house in the Highlands forming part of the Achabeag sustainable housing development. This house curves to face the dramatic views of the Sound of Mull and is constructed with a green oak frame, hemp insulation filled wall and roof panels, and moss sedum roofs.

Millfield, England



A Hempcrete and timber framed house with it's attractive unique modern design which allows for lots of internal space and an environmentally friendly construction.  All produced in the United Kingdom.

Hemp House in Kerry Co, Ireland


From Steve Allin, one of the great pioneers and instructors of hemp building, based in Ireland.

Tomorrow's Garden City, Hartington Place in Letchworth, England



Design & build 18 timber framed houses and 42 flats under a Framework Agreement. Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4, built with a variety of construction technologies.

"Clay Field" in Elmswell, Suffolk, UK



RIBA Competition-winning project for 26 dwellings combines sustainable strategies for construction, lifetime energy use, landscape and the way we live and work from day to day. The houses are constructed from a structural timber frame and use ‘Hemcrete’, a sprayed mixture of lime and hemp, to give a breathable and highly sustainable construction which is finished with lime render and lime washed. The project was delivered by Riches Hawley Mikhail Architects.