Re Development by Mr Hemp House™

Re Developed Healthy living Homes with a Sustainable Footprint

Mr Hemp House™ is inspired to re develop/ restore urban and/ or rural buildings to become sustainable closed loop efficient living homes.  The use of hemp/ hempcrete throughout the building envelop with other natural build materials, finishes and decor is mandatory.  Each home will have specific systems to allow for off grid efficiencies year round.  

The vision is to re develop these properties in close proximity to each other.  This will allow testing of each homes efficiency in similar environments for study and analysis.  This is a residential area not a community.  When materials can be re purposed to build/ restore these items will be used.  Each home will be designed by their future residence/ building owner.   Parameters of build will be specific to Mr Hemp House™s vision and mission. 

Mr Hemp House™ understands this type of re development will work well in the city and or rural environments.  Row houses, neighborhoods, apartment buildings, condos, HOA's and re purposing of other building types is acceptable.  The energy savings alone with tax and investment credits will pay for building envelop efficiencies in years not decades. 

We are committed to Natural Building and Sustainable Living and understand that,

Together We Can, Build Smart  Build Hemp.   Contact Us Today. 

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