Sustainable Living with MR HEMP HOUSE™

Solar/ Hydro/ Wind



Solar or Photovoltaic (PV) panels are clean, noiseless, durable, long-lived, and relatively maintenance free.  PV solar production is actually most efficient in colder temps.   

 *If you’re lucky enough to have running water on your property, then a micro hydroelectric generator might work.  

Using the solar panels for the heating & hot water system is very efficient especially if collecting rain water and processing on site. 

 For a typical home, you’ll need a minimum average annual wind speed of 9 mph and a turbine rated for 5 to 15 kilowatts.  Sustainable Living Hemp Building Contractor

*Popular Mechanics

Stand Alone / Battery Back up


 *Sealed modular systems use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The Tesla™ Powerall's™ batteries each have 13.5 kilowatt-hours of capacity and can be linked with up to nine other units. This option can be used as a stand-alone energy-storage system or as a backup power supply. The Powerwall™ also includes electronics for managing the charging and discharging of cells, as well as an inverter for converting DC to the AC power more common in residential use. This all-in-one prepackaged solution will make it easy to retrofit your grid-connected system.   Sustainable Living Hemp Building Contractor 

*Popular Mechanics™  



 Hemp pellets, unlike other none woody biomass fuel pellets, produce only around 2% ash content. Therefore hemp pellets can be used in a much larger range of pellet stoves and boilers currently on the market today.

 Unlike other grass pellets, hemp fuel pellets produce no clinker or slag formation, little ash and there is scarcely any corrosion risk. Because of all these advantages, hemp fuel pellets are regarded as the most promising biomass fuel, exceed wood pellets. 

Rain Water Collection

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  Rain water is typically obtained from a roof, and stored in an above ground rain barrel or in more sophisticated systems in catchment tanks.  This water is then Ultra purified for drinking & purified for cleaning / washing.

Reverse osmosis systems are also available.



 Our well-designed attached Greenhouses include ways to vent excess heat, shade the structure and close it off from the home. 

Greenhouse boost healthy living, a natural heat resource, the ability to grow your own food and enjoy some peaceful time gardening.  Hydroponic Systems Available.

On Site Recycling


Composting enriches the soil, helps retain moisture and suppresses plant diseases and pests. 

Composting also reduces the need for chemical fertilizers while encouraging the production of beneficial bacteria.